Making paypal payments

There are millions of articles out there on how to open paypal accounts and make paypal purchases. Some of these are true and some are simply scams. But the problem so far even with those that do work for a while is- what happens when they freeze your account? The minute you access the account from a Nigerian IP address by accident or for some reason they tell you to show up at a bank in some other country etc, your entire money gets lost.

To make purchases online, safely without risking your self, we recommend ala- they have been in business for over 3 years and are a reliable international payment facilitator. They make all your ebay, clickbank, plimus, and other software and goods payments for you and they send you the relevant information or order download links as received. They also ship goods to Nigeria if it is a good you are buying so they literally kill all birds with one stone, for a reasonable cost. And you can fight them if you feel you have not received what you paid for. there is no chance of your money getting missing.

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  1. Chidi M Says:

    Thank you, I will test them to see if they are for real. this has been my big problem

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