Make $1000 per month selling magicjack phone tool

Magicjack has been the product of the year in the US for several years concurrently, and the market for it in Africa is new and just as enticing!

In this article, you will see many ways MagicJack is being used in Nigeria and Ghana. It sells for about $100-120. But here’s the catch to make money from it. PerrySolution.comNig who market it officially, offer it at discount prices for wholesale/bulk purchases and for resellers. So you can buy this from them depending on quantity and your marketing skills for $80-90. They even give selling tools. Easily sell a couple of these a day and make additional income of $30-50 every day, selling just 2 or 3! You can make  $1000 to $2000 or more per month.

Article from NewsRescue:

NewsRescue- Little surprise, people love free things. And with the telecommunications burst that is not such a burst on the pockets, Nigerians keep seeking ways to reduce their phone call costs.

As the Nigerian telephone company mogul, Mike Adenuga is purported to have said- ‘phone business is like ritual(voodoo) money’. It makes so much!

Countries like the United States, that do not predominantly use the GSM network offer their phone customers unlimited calling packages for as low rates as $100 per month. Landlines in the US operate at even lower costs, giving clients unlimited free calling to more than 100 countries for rates as great as $30/month. This is in great contrast to what is paid in Nigeria, Ghana and the like with individuals on average spending up to $10/day for little over an hour of phone talk time.

Nigerians calling each other in Nigeria for free

But Nigerians are always seeking ways out of this and actually getting two advantages for the price of one with a phenomenal gadget that has been a best winner in US markets for several years straight. This is the MagicJack PC-phone jack. A simple device that once plugged into a computer with fast enough internet and then plugged to a regular phone box, allows users make phone calls to United States phone numbers as though they are in the United States themselves, for FREE!

The easy 2 min Magicjack setupThe easy 2 min Magicjack setup

But it even gets better. Trust Nigerians with their ingenuity; Those who use this MagicJack device have permanent US phone numbers for a year with the single purchase of the device. Hence they use this device to call not only friends and family in the US, but also friends and family in Nigeria and Ghana who also have MagicJack for free for the entire year, and on with annual low cost renewal of subscription. Nig LTD, also known as who officially market this product in Nigeria and advertised its many different usages, explained to us that their customers now purchase this for their family, friends and lovers locally and then utilize their own, with their US phone to call their family and friends within Nigeria, saving $1000s per year on phone bills.

With Main One broad band, we expect a greater usage of this amazingly cheap tool, authentic versions of which  sell for under 15,000 Naira.


As the saying goes, ‘the White-man who made the pencil also made the eraser’, there is always a way for smart people to do things cheaper. Companies are also jumping on this bandwagon, giving their staff this amazing device and enabling them to make calls all over the world and to fellow Nigerian branches for free. Renewing the subscription annually is also made possible by international payment companies, like who have renewed numbers for clients over the years.

Internet phones are possibly the phones of the future and with bluetooth-computer headsets, this home/computer phone can be seen being enjoyed while users walk all around the house or office. To many, the most amazing thing about this jack is its portability. It fits snug right in your pocket and you take your US phone number anywhere you travel to.

You don’t need contact NewsRescue, you can click here for more product information and to purchase: Magicjack-

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  1. Patrick Ogidi Says:

    Good one here.

    A good way of reducing unemployment among our youths.

    I also do same

  2. magicmo Says:

    magicjack is my phone, it is an old system, i have been using it for a while

  3. obot Says:

    I like this idea? count me in

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