Make money selling online software

Here’s a gem. I discovered an easy way to make $50/day. It’s really simple for those who know about forex. Just sell forex software. Forex traders are always looking to buy various new types of software or software updates from

Megadroid Forex software

Clickbank, Plimus etc. And they can’t make payments because it’s either not allowed or too risky. Sometimes payments are not accepted and the money never refunded to bank cards.

A company with head office in the US, have for several years now been making payments on people’s behalf. But now, they are offering incentives and commissions to anyone with business acumen, as a promotion to get more customers.

Look at their software page for the price of forex Robots they sell. Simply sell these robots on their behalf. Guarantee the customers that they will get the download sent to their email in a few hours. Collect the money, buy through As a retailer call their guy and ask for discounts: 08035617436; His name is Mo, they give $10-15 discounts for retailers. Now you can sell these software at whatever price you wish and add that cut to your discount!

Isn’t this wonderful? Depending on your skill you can make $500-5000/month from this!

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3 Responses to “Make money selling online software”

  1. David O Says:

    Where is their address? do they have an office in Owerri? i am interested

  2. tayo ladi Says:

    I use perrysolution, i recomment them powerully

  3. Denise Says:

    Do they sell fapturbo? i want to buy this forx software

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